Suzanne Petrizzi Spiritual Life Counslor

All readings are for entertainment purposes only. Must be 18 years or older to purchase services. Suzanne Petrizzi is NOT a replacement for legal, medical or psychological advice. If you are in crises please seek medical advice. Suzanne Petrizzi has the right to refuse any service. All readings are confidential. All sales are final, no refunds. By engaging in this service you agree to these terms and policies.

Choose a service to schedule


30 Min Spiritual Phone Counsel - $75
We cover a lot in these 30 Minutes, Life, family, career, finances etc. Our 30 minutes will give you answers and leave you feelings inspired.
50 Minute Spiritual Phone Counsel - $125
Our 50 Minutes will leave you feeling inspired! We cover many different subjects, family, career, relationships, finances etc...
Lenormand Lessons - $75
These one on one classes can be done over FaceTime, Zoom or Skype! You will be given a 60 page tutorial on everything covered. You will learn the meaning of each card and learn how to put them together to read in a full Grand Tableau. Take as many classes as you like go at your own pace. These cards are interesting and challenging. Try one class and you will be hooked!

Lenormand Lessons

Lenormand Lessons - $75
There are seven (7) classes total, all can be done via Skype or FaceTime (if you live local in person classes may be available). When you schedule your first class, you will receive via email (usually within 24 hours) a pdf or Word doc with an intro into Lenormand and the meanings of the first nine cards. At our scheduled Skype/FaceTime appointment we will go over the 9 cards and their meanings, we will also go over any questions you have. You will begin learning how to string cards together and timing. Everyone always asks "When will this happen?". You will learn how to tell when, and so much more information.

Go at your own pace. Schedule all classes at your convenience, pay as you go (For quicker and optimal results it's best to schedule the classes weekly or bi-weekly. The second class you book (and so on with each class) you will receive a PDF or Word Doc with the next 9 cards and their meanings, which we will go over at our scheduled appointment along with any questions you may have. The last three classes we will go over the Grand Tableau, The 9X4 Spread, and a few other spread. By the end of the seven (7) classes you will know how to read the cards in their houses. Reading the cards in their houses gives much more depth and layer to your readings, revealing much more information to your readings. You will understand timing and how to tell 'when' things may happen. You will know if someone suffered the loss of a loved one recently, or maybe the loss of someone they haven't gotten over. These are very interesting cards as you will see.